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The WiserWulff Story

An Innovative Trusted Advisor

WiserWulff, formerly Project Assistants, was established in 1996 to assist companies, government agencies, and consultants in the execution and delivery of projects using advanced project management methods and tools. Since then, our skilled consultants have delivered numerous portfolios, programs, and projects in various industries and consistently produced favorable business outcomes. Our clients range from niche players to industry leaders.

As the years have passed, the focus and experience of the firm have evolved.  Today, we help our clients develop, establish, and execute portfolio, program, and project management systems to support operational and performance improvement, manufacturing, operations, distribution, corporate transformation, mergers and acquisitions, and organizational transformation initiatives.

WiserWulff delivers for our clients.  We help them achieve their corporate strategies, goals, and objectives through efficient and effective delivery of management initiatives. Our guidance is not based on theory. It’s practical, realistic, and customized to fit your organization’s culture and resources.

We make a difference for our clients, people, and communities by helping them achieve their potential.

Your Consulting Partner

In today’s world, where knowledge is easily accessible and work is becoming more project-based, companies face disruptions in achieving their goals. To cope with this new reality, organizations require the assistance of reliable firms like WiserWulff. Our agile management consulting team is well-equipped to help businesses of all sizes in their transformation journey. We realize the significance of speed-to-market, and are skilled in selecting the right people, and plan to achieve success for our clients.

After almost three decades of serving clients, helping them meet their objectives, we have come to understand that technology alone cannot tackle the intricate business challenges of today. Knowledge, exceptional experience, analytical skills, and intuition – human capital – continue to be the critical components of successful business transformations and outcomes. 

The WiserWulff team of consultants is comprised of project managers, subject matter experts, and executives who have been carefully selected and thoroughly vetted. They come from reputable organizations such as the “Big 4”, boutique and specialty firms, and some of the most admired companies. With exceptional knowledge, experience, and skill, they can handle even the most complex strategic, operational, and technological challenges. WiserWulff consultants embody desirable leadership, critical thinking, and action-orientation qualities.

Today’s best and brightest talent prefers to work on projects delivering outcomes rather than sticking to traditional job roles. They want to make a difference without having to deal with the bureaucracy of a firm’s structure. They pursue careers that focus on their skills, rather than a specific job title.

Forward-thinking and successful businesses find their consultants at WiserWulff.

See How We Work

Read our case studies to get an in-depth look at how we think, how we work and how we help our clients succeed.