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Portfolio Management

At WiserWulff, Portfolio Management is the systematic process of selecting, prioritizing, and managing a collection of projects or programs to achieve specific organizational goals and objectives.  It involves making strategic decisions about which projects to undertake, allocating resources appropriately, and balancing the portfolio to optimize the organization’s overall performance and value delivery.

We take on a variety of activities, roles, and responsibilities in the conduct of portfolio management.  The following are some of the typical roles we undertake:

  1. Project Selection:  Evaluation of potential projects or program proposals and selecting those that align with the organization’s strategic objectives. Projects are assessed based on their potential benefits, risks, resource requirements, and alignment with the organization’s priorities and constraints.
  2. Prioritization and Resource Allocation:  Once projects are selected, portfolio management determines the order in which projects are executed and allocates resources accordingly.  We consider factors such as project dependencies, resource availability, budget constraints, and strategic importance to ensure the efficient utilization of resources and maximize overall portfolio value.
  3. Risk Management: We identify and manage risks at the portfolio level. We assess the risk exposure of individual projects and the overall portfolio and implement risk mitigation strategies.  Risk management helps deliver a resilient portfolio and adapt to organizational changes and uncertainties.
  4. Performance Monitoring and Evaluation:  We drive project performance and portfolio health monitoring and evaluation.  We track key performance indicators, such as project progress, budget, schedule adherence, and benefits realization.  Regular portfolio reviews and audits help identify underperforming projects, assess the portfolio’s alignment with strategic objectives, and make necessary adjustments.
  5. Decision-making and Governance:  Our team helps clients drive the establishment of governance structures and decision-making processes to guide project selection, prioritization, and resource allocation.  These processes deliver decisions are made based on a clear understanding of the organization’s strategic goals, risk appetite, and available resources.
  6. Portfolio Optimization:  Optimization of the portfolio is achieved by balancing risk, value, and strategic alignment.  It involves re-evaluating and adjusting the portfolio mix, terminating or reprioritizing projects, or seeking new opportunities to maximize portfolio performance.

The WiserWulff team provides deep experience, guidance, and support in optimizing an organization’s project portfolio.  We help organizations make informed decisions, enhance portfolio performance, and align project initiatives with strategic objectives. Furthermore, we bring external perspectives, industry insights, and leading practices to help organizations achieve greater value and success through their project portfolios.