PMO as a Service

PMO as a Service replaces a legacy model that is inefficient and ineffective.

PMOaaS (Project Management Office as a Service), offers a new approach to project management. It provides organizations with the benefits of having a Project Management Office (PMO) without the responsibility of creating and managing an internal PMO infrastructure.

A PMO, or Project Management Office, is a centralized unit that provides project management support, standards, processes, and governance to drive successful project execution and delivery. Furthermore, it is a hub for project management expertise, tools, and methodologies, aligning projects with the organization’s strategic objectives.

On the other hand, PMOaaS entails delegating the functions and responsibilities of a PMO to WiserWulff. With PMOaaS, we utilize our specialized experience and resources in project management to provide customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients.

Specialized Experience and Resources

“I'm amazed by the leadership talent WiserWulff provided, as well as the adaptability to come up with a new, workable model once things on the ground changed.”

CIO of a large transportation company

Our PMOaaS Delivers: 


PMOaaS allows organizations to engage project management services as needed.  This will enable organizations to scale up or down their project management support based on their project portfolio and business requirements 


By outsourcing the PMO function, organizations can avoid the costs of establishing and maintaining an internal PMO infrastructure. As a PMOaaS provider, we offer different service packages, allowing organizations to choose the level of support that aligns with their needs and budget 

Deep Experience and Leading Practices

As a PMOaaS provider, we bring specialized project management expertise, knowledge, and experience to your organization. We deeply understand project management methodologies, tools, and leading practices and can apply them effectively to an organization’s projects 

Tailored Solutions

Under a PMOaaS, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and objectives. We develop customized solutions and frameworks to address the organization’s project management challenges and align with its strategic goals and business objectives 

Governance and Reporting

As a PMOaaS provider, we establish governance frameworks and reporting mechanisms to ensure transparency, accountability, and effective project oversight.  As a service provider, we deliver stakeholders with regular project status updates, performance metrics, and insights, enabling informed decision-making that is independent and reliable 

Continuous Improvement

Our PMOaaS team focuses on continuous improvement by identifying areas for optimization and enhancing project management practices. We leverage lessons from previous projects to refine processes, tools, and methodologies, increasing project success rates 

Improved Project Sucess Rates

Our PMOaaS provides organizations with access to project management expertise, processes, and governance, enabling them to improve project success rates, enhance efficiency, and drive strategic alignment without the need for establishing an internal PMO.