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Join Our Team of Skilled Professionals Ready to Tackle the Demands of Today’s Modern World

At WiserWulff, our flexibility sets us apart in a world where technology rapidly changes businesses’ operations. For nearly 30 years, we have been at the forefront of providing consulting services to our clients through full-time employment and gig-based opportunities. Our approach enables our skilled professionals to collaborate with our clients in delivering critical projects while granting them the independence and power they require. Our team consists of experienced consultants who work together across various functions to carry out essential projects using a hands-on approach. We believe in delivering results efficiently and effectively for our clients.

Our leadership and support personnel work together to carefully monitor and manage client outcomes to drive sustainable growth and a consistent client experience.

Throughout our journey, we have built a team of passionate and diverse consultants valued and supported as professionals and people. We are collectively committed to the success of our clients and each other.

Our Culture

WiserWulff is a consulting firm that prioritizes our clients, employees, and communities. Our values of leadership, respect, teamwork, and integrity guide our actions. We strongly believe that the quality and integrity of our work and staff are essential in building trust with clients and instilling confidence in our firm. We are a dynamic firm that embodies flexibility, agility, teamwork, analytical and innovative thinking, and high standards for ourselves and our clients.

An Agile Model for Agile Consultants

Our consulting services model is agile and efficient.

We are highly selective in our recruitment. We seek out top consultants who have “been to the dance before” and are skilled in various disciplines that cater to our client’s needs. Our reputation is built on solid business acumen, enabling WiserWulff to deliver successful project outcomes consistently. Unlike many traditional consulting firms, we collaborate directly with our clients to achieve their goals.

Explore our diverse career paths that allow you to combine your experience, skills, and current life stage for a fulfilling work experience. We provide opportunities to build meaningful human connections and work in unique ways. Approach work in a new way with us.

Who We Seek

WiserWulff is always seeking talented individuals to join our team. Things we look for are:

Character Traits

Consulting Opportunities for Today’s World

Consultants enjoy facing challenges, so we created a firm that caters to modern-day professionals like you. We provide excellent opportunities to deliver tangible outcomes for top organizations. We need your flawless execution, capacity to develop and implement strategic and tactical plans, utilize technology, and transform organizations. We look to you to help us build meaningful client relationships and enable trust while delivering practical solutions and impactful results that help our clients achieve business growth.