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Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Discpline and Experience Meets Perspective

Since 1996, we have been an industry leader in portfolio, program, and project management (P3M). Our team of management consultants have conducted large, intermediate, and small-scale initiatives for industry leaders and mid-sized organizations. Our leaders are published and frequently sought after as topical speakers on project delivery, management, and industry issues.

We bring deep knowledge, experience, and objective perspectives to help organizations manage their business initiatives effectively and efficiently. We provide strategic guidance, improve project management practices, and successfully deliver outcomes that align with organizational goals. 

Consistently achieving success in a portfolio, program, or project requires a depth of experience and perspective. Desired outcomes cannot be reached by optimizing resource effectiveness and utilization and enhancing operational efficiency alone. Combined with the appropriate level of discipline and visibility, initiatives can be completed on time, within budget, and according to the specified scope.

At WiserWulff, we possess the necessary depth of experience, viewpoint, rigor, and knowledge to attain business results.

Every project should begin with the end goal in mind. Meeting deadlines, budget goals, and business objectives requires insight and skilled management. WiserWulff provides both throughout the project journey.

We optimize project success for organizations at every point of their growth:

  1. Organizations seeking to launch new initiatives and in need of a delivery team.
  2. Companies looking to delegate the difficulties and complexities of managing a Project Management Office.
  3. Organizations building a new internal Center of Excellence (COE) or seeking to improve an existing one.
  4. Companies that possess the necessary infrastructure but require additional talent to reach their goals successfully.
  5. If you are one of the rare organizations with a complete P3M department and a fully trained and functioning team, we can help you enhance your existing skills through advanced training and guidance.

P3M Talent Solutions

At WiserWulff, we offer our clients a wide range of P3M Talent Solutions, including PMOaaS (Project Management Office as a Service), operational consulting, project management, and point-of-need talent. 

Learn more about how our P3M Talent Solutions can help your organization.

Our depth of project management experience helps you focus on your business goals by providing proven tools and strategies that avoid reinventing the wheel for each project.


Our Team is well-versed in P3M tools, techniques and methods.


We are well-versed in the well-known portfolio, program, and project management methodologies commonly in use.

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We have completed client projects of varying levels of complexity, ranging from simple to significant. Our level of involvement is tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization.

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Our management consultants are technology agnostic—it is not the tool that separates successful P3M operations from unsuccessful ones; it’s the skills, techniques, and processes.

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