PMO Training

Enabling People

Education enables the most important part of People, Process and Technology (PPT): the people of your organization. Our company has been offering PMO training since its inception in 1996. WiserWulff provides training and coaching programs in all levels of project environments from Project Managers to those leading the project leaders.

Our PMO training encompasses project management, PMO operations, and applicable techniques and frameworks. The courses are customizable to cater to various levels of expertise, from beginners such as PMO coordinators to seasoned PMO managers.

There are several ways to receive PMO training, such as classroom-based sessions, online courses, workshops, and certification programs. The primary aim of PMO training is to improve PMO professionals’ abilities, expertise, and competencies, empowering them to efficiently assist project management tasks, ensure project triumph, and contribute to organizational goals.

Each course covers:

  1. PMO Fundamentals: Our training programs on PMO fundamentals introduce the concept of PMOs, their role in organizations, and the value they bring. This includes understanding the purpose of a PMO, its functions, and how it relates to other business units. 
  2. Project Management Methodologies: Our training for the project management office (PMO) covers a wide range of methodologies, including Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, and hybrid approaches. The program provides a comprehensive understanding of each methodology’s principles, processes, and practices and how they can be implemented in project management. 
  3. PMO Governance and Standards: Our training programs support the establishment of governance frameworks and standards for organizational project management. This includes defining project management policies, processes, templates, and leading practices that PMOs can enforce and promote across all projects. 
  4. PMO Tools and Technologies: Our training programs provide project management offices (PMOs) with the latest tools and technologies to optimize efficiency and effectiveness. We cover a range of popular PMO tools, including project management software, collaboration platforms, reporting and tracking devices, and resource management systems. Some tools we offer training on include Microsoft Project, Jira, Trello, Asana,, Smartsheet, Wrike, Basecamp, Clarizen, and Planview. 
  5. PMO Performance Measurement and Reporting: We train PMO professionals in measuring and reporting project performance. Our training covers various aspects, such as creating key performance indicators (KPIs), setting up reporting systems, and analyzing project data for valuable insights and recommendations to enhance performance. 
  6. Stakeholder Management: Our Project Management Office (PMO) training emphasizes the significance of stakeholder management and establishing solid relationships with project stakeholders. The training covers various techniques for efficient communication, conflict resolution, and stakeholder engagement strategies. 
  7. PMO Leadership and Strategic Alignment: Our company provides training to PMO professionals, assisting them in developing strong leadership skills to lead and influence project teams effectively. This includes understanding organizational strategy comprehensively, aligning projects with business objectives, and successfully managing change within the PMO. 
  8. Continuous Improvement and Learning: Our PMO training fosters a culture of continuous improvement and learning within the PMO by identifying lessons learned from projects, implementing feedback mechanisms, and encouraging a culture of knowledge-sharing and innovation. 

“After attending a WiserWulff’ Project Management certificate program, I was offered several competitive government positions. After accepting a job with a high-visibility federal project, I was explicitly told that the Project Management certificate program was what set me apart from the other interviewees.”

Student Feedback University of Delaware, Class Evaluation form

The Program

Our programs include surveys, White Papers, and/or homework so that we can tailor our content and coaching to your needs, challenges, organizational artifacts, and whatever other information and materials we may gather in the prep process.

The output of the workshop will be a plan of attack to address whatever challenges or changes your organization is undergoing that necessitated the education process. This challenge or change might be as general as a desire to improve project success rates, as basic as a change in project management technology, or as high-level as delivering a new corporate strategy. Each of these require a plan of attack and an adoption process to be properly addressed.

Our programs ensure adoption of the training materials by providing a suite of follow-up activities: