P3M Tools

Technology Agnostic

When it comes to P3M Tools, we are technology agnostic. At WiserWulff, we believe it is not the tool that separates successful P3M operations from unsuccessful ones; it’s the skills, techniques, and processes.

Our consultants have worked with many tools ranging from the largest to the most basic, and they have even developed their own tools when none on the marketplace meet a client’s particular needs.

Powerful P3M Systems

Some of the most powerful and complex tools we’ve worked with include:

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Systems

These are comprehensive project management systems designed for large organizations to manage multiple projects, resources, and portfolios. This includes Oracle Primavera, SAP Project System, Planview.

Integrated Project Management Suites

These are extensive project management platforms that provide end-to-end solutions for planning, executing, and monitoring complex projects. They often include features such as project planning, scheduling, resource management, budgeting, and reporting. This includes Oracle NetSuite, Workfront, and Clarizen.

Earned Value Management (EVM) Systems

EVM is a technique used to measure project performance and progress by integrating scope, schedule, and cost metrics. EVM systems, provide advanced capabilities for tracking and analyzing project performance based on earned value principles. This includes Deltek Cobra and Microsoft Project Server,

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Systems

BIM is a technology that enables collaboration and coordination among architects, engineers, and construction professionals during the design, construction, and operation phases of a building project. It involves creating digital models that encompass the building’s geometry, spatial relationships, and data. Popular BIM software includes Autodesk Revit, Bentley Systems’ AECOsim, and Trimble SketchUp.

Integrated Program Management Systems (IPMS)

IPMS is a technology that integrates project management processes and tools across multiple projects within a program. It provides real-time visibility, control, and reporting capabilities for program managers overseeing a portfolio of interconnected projects. This includes Deltek Acumen, EcoSys, and Primavera P6.

Complex Event Processing (CEP) Systems

CEP systems are used in projects that involve processing and analyzing large volumes of real-time data to detect patterns, trends, and anomalies. These technologies are often applied in domains such as finance, logistics, and telecommunications. This includes Apache Kafka, TIBCO StreamBase, and Esper.

Simulation and Modeling Tools

In complex projects, simulation and modeling tools help in analyzing and optimizing project designs, processes, and outcomes. These tools can simulate different scenarios, predict project outcomes, and optimize resource allocation. This includes AnyLogic, Simul8, and Arena Simulation Software.

For any organization fortunate enough to work with one of these systems or ambitious enough to implement one, our consultants will be well suited to serve as trusted advisors and capable practitioners for you.

It is not the tool the separates successful P3M operations from unsuccessful ones; it’s the skills, techniques and processes.

Lower Barrier Tools

Not every organization has adopted such large, enterprise wide technology solutions. Some more rudimentary technologies our consultants are proficient at include Jira, Trello, and Asana. We are also adept at using any other number of tools to collaborate and manage projects, including:

Custom Tools

Finally, we are capable of developing custom tools when nothing exists on the marketplace that meets our client’s needs. This was, for example, the genesis of our Methods Assembly and Distribution Tool.