What makes a project successful?

A lot of organizations struggle judging a project went. This article covers the textbook approach to evaluating the success of a project. Check out our blog post The Third Dimension of Project Success for an innovative evaluation of project success with a paradigm shifting look at project management.

Defining a successful project

A project is deemed successful when the objectives of the sponsor are met. It is important to meet with the sponsor very early in the project to understand their goals and objectives, which should be documented in a project definition document (e.g., project charter or statement of work). Some characteristics of a successful project are:

To achieve these characteristics, project management must follow a process, be supported by a methodology, and have quality assurance to continue improving the process and the methodology.

The Four Principles of Effective Project Managers 

Effective project managers recognize four essential truths which are found in all projects. These key project principles are: 

Effective project managers are comfortable operating in the “gray area,” even if they have come from a technical environment where hard and fast answers may be considered the norm. 

Stay tuned to our insights for the next part of our series: The Project Management Process.

Now that you understand what makes a successful project, the question is how to effectively implement project management to eliminate project failure and achieve success within your organization. WiserWulff is here to support your business goals, so reach out to us today to set up an appointment to discuss a strategy for your individual business needs.

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