P3M Methodologies

Depth and Breadth

We are well-versed in several well-known portfolio, program, and project management methodologies commonly in use, including: 

Each methodology offers a structured approach, principles, and processes to effectively guide practitioners in managing initiatives.

How To Choose

These are just a few examples of portfolio, program, and project management methodologies.  Each methodology provides a structured approach, principles, and processes to guide practitioners in managing initiatives effectively. In addition, organizations may choose or tailor a method based on their specific needs, industry, project complexity, and organizational culture. 

It is important to note that some methodologies, such as PRINCE2 and PMBOK, cover project management at both the program and project levels, providing guidelines for managing more significant initiatives. Agile methodologies, on the other hand, emphasize iterative and flexible approaches to accommodate changing requirements and deliver value incrementally. 

The choice of methodology depends on factors such as project objectives, organizational structure, industry standards, and stakeholder expectations.  Our clients also adopt hybrid approaches that combine elements from different methodologies to suit their specific requirements. 

How We Help Our clients

Our management consultants are well-versed in P3M methodologies.  We have conducted client initiatives with simple as well as significant complexity. Our involvement can vary depending on the specific needs of the organization.  We typically provide our clients with P3M leaders, team leaders, or unique team members required for the success of an initiative.  Broadly, some typical roles we play are:

  1. Strategic Planning:  We assist organizations in aligning their portfolio, program, and project management activities with their overall strategic objectives. They can help identify strategic priorities, assess project feasibility, and develop a roadmap for project execution.
  2. Portfolio Assessment and Optimization:  We evaluate an organization’s project portfolio, assess the value and alignment of projects with strategic goals, and recommend adjustments to optimize the portfolio. They may assist in identifying redundant or underperforming projects, prioritizing high-value initiatives, and balancing resources across projects.
  3. Project Selection and Prioritization:  Our consultants support organizations in developing criteria and methodologies for project selection and prioritization. We help define project evaluation criteria, establish decision-making frameworks, and facilitate the selection process based on objective analysis and strategic alignment.
  4. Project Management Methodology:  We assist organizations in developing or improving their project management methodologies, processes, and tools. We define standardized project management practices, establish governance structures, and provide guidance on project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure.
  5. Project Management Office (PMO) Setup:  Our management consultants help organizations establish or enhance their PMO by guiding its structure, functions, and roles. We assist in developing PMO frameworks, defining project governance models, and establishing project management standards and templates.
  6. Program and Project Management Support:  We directly support program and project management activities. We serve as portfolio, program, or project managers, leading the planning and execution of initiatives, managing risks and issues, and ensuring the timely delivery of project outcomes.
  7. Capability Building and Training:   We deliver training programs and workshops to build organizational project management capabilities. Providing education on project management leading practices, tools, and methodologies and helping develop a project management culture across the organization.
  8. Performance Monitoring and Evaluation:  Our consultants develop and execute performance monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for a portfolio, program, or project. We help our clients develop metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), implement reporting systems, and conduct project health assessments to track progress, identify areas of improvement, and ensure alignment with strategic objectives.
  9. Organizational Change Management:  Our management consultants support organizations in managing change associated with the portfolio, program, and project management initiatives. They can help develop change management strategies, engage stakeholders, communicate project objectives and benefits, and facilitate the adoption of new project management practices within the organization.

Our team brings deep knowledge, experience, and objective perspectives to help organizations manage their portfolios, programs, and projects effectively.  We provide strategic guidance, improve project management practices, and successfully deliver initiatives that align with organizational goals.